Resonant Core Wisdom

Embodying Essence
2nd Level Class

The Foundations of Reaching and Holding

As primates, one of our body’s reflexes is knowing how to reach for comfort, support and to a coherent field. Many of us come into this lifetime with this intact and through various childhood circumstances, this reflex can go off-line or into a freeze. 

The goal is for you to discover how your body, mind and spirit connect to this instinct. For many this may include a re-awakening to your inner knowing of how you Hold and Fountain for yourself and another in any state of need. 

Gaining a felt sense of safety and coming to a parasympathetic state creates a level of slack in your system that makes it possible for us to feel our essence being welcomed back into our bodies.

This class is for students who have completed the 2-year energy class program and are looking for their next level of deep healing and agency of their needs. 

You will find a nice blend of skills from beginners to those who have been in this field for a few years. I will create the container for our day and the beginnings of an altar that you will add to as a collective holding space. 

The beauty of this class is learning how to enhance our Holding capacity, develop safety with having need, deepen connection with our personal resources, how to access the collective wisdom of the group and learn about the patterns at a deeper level. 

Norma offers a supportive, compassionate space and deep presence that makes it feel safe to reveal anything. She has an uncanny ability to know when a student needs loving attention, straight forward feedback or room to find their own answers to get to the next level.

Saturday Dates in 2025

  • Jan 11 – Feb 8 – Mar 8 – Apr 12 – May 3 
  • Jun 7 – Jul 12 – Aug 9 –  Sep 6 – Oct 4


      10 am – 6 pm


     Monthly trades are required and are an essential way of building       your competency.


      855 Marina Bay Pkwy #290, Richmond, Ca.                                              (zoom is optional)


      $180.00 per class  ($1800 for 10 month series)

“The only way we lose connection is if we choose to disconnect”​

This is intimate, powerful and deeply healing work. The level of safety that is needed requires even numbers and a closed group.  Space is limited.  In order to access the full potency of the class matrix, when you register, you are committed to yourself, to the 10 months financially and to the group.

About Norma Ramos

Norma has always been an observer of human behavior.  She watched people interact to see how they would relate to one another….in many ways they were not very successful!   

She began her learning journey in energy awareness in 2001.  After a few years, she found her path and purpose in teaching in this lineage.  Norma has several classes of varying energy class levels and is always ready to take on new students who want to improve their skills.

When she started teaching in the field of Reaching and Holding, she found it to be one of the most transformative ways to heal deep wounds and trauma of all kind.  This is an embodiment practice and is highly complimentary with talk therapy.

This work allows your body to have the option to shift your nervous system from sympathetic hypervigilance to parasympathetic ease and calm.

Register by Nov 1, 2024!

510-769-5122 – text preferred or email:

In person is preferred and over Zoom hybrid is also available.

Sitting with Norma is like coming HOME. She meets me with respect and openness. She sees me, witnesses me and calls me forth. Her humor and love are disarming and put me instantly at ease as I unfold unto myself. Being held by Norma allows me to reweave stories of my childhood… slowly dismantling the armor of youth, tough- tongued and ego-bruised, until I am the soft belly of love that I was born to be. She is a master in an unassuming way. Her containers hold me even when I am alone in my room- she finds me, she creates with me, she cares for me. I am seen, I am loved, I become myself again.

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