Resonant Core Wisdom

Embodying Essence

Norma Ramos came into this lifetime with a deep resonance to indigenous ceremonial cultures through her Peruvian heritage.

She discovered from a young age that she has an undeniable embodied presence of ancient wisdom, shamanism and ceremony that is natural and distinct.  A native Californian and the youngest of four, Norma realized early on, that her learning would be self-driven with a focus on personal self-development to create the changes she desired.

Norma began her journey by becoming a massage therapist and energy practitioner.  By weaving her bodywork practice, learning energy skills for 20 years and through her extensive ceremonial experience she became competent in harnessing her natural ability to source a deeply grounded, vastly resourced and safe space for others to do their own learning and healing. 

Once she began teaching energy classes in 2007, she realized that supporting others to fully empower themselves would be the doorway to serving her community and the collective.

“One of my greatest hungers is to experience results and witness miracles.” 

“When injured people come to see me and feel like they have exhausted all of their resources and they leave feeling changed, there is no better way to spend my day.”

"I have been working on people since 1993 and I love this field of work. It is amazing to be able to help people who believe that they have exhausted all their resources. When someone is in pain and they walk out of my office not in pain, it is truly fulfilling."

Norma's evolution

NORMA graduated from The National Holistic Institute in 1993 with a strong skill set in massage therapy.

In 1995 she took a joint class with a practitioner of the Lauren Berry Method.  This led her to an apprenticeship in the Lauren Berry Method through the Institute of Integral Health.

Over the years her Body Tune-Up service developed into it’s own unique form.  Always with the intention of creating possibility for the body to heal itself.

In 2000 her teacher began a class on how to be aware of and ethically use, one’s own energy.  Norma felt this program would enhance her practice and registered for the course.

In 2006, when her teacher decided not to continue with classes beyond her 2 year program, Norma felt moved to support others in learning how to use this deep knowledge in their everyday lives.

Norma began teaching Self Discovery the 3rd year energy class with a peer in 2007.  In 2015 she decided to teach classes alone.  This gave her the opportunity to expand into who she came into this lifetime to be.

Years later she is still growing, learning and developing classes.  She has several advanced energy classes and two Reaching and Holding classes that she offers every month.

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