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Norma has been a body worker and a manual therapist for over 28 years. Her work focuses on realigning human bodies and making healthy people feel whole.

Norma uses a variety of modalities including but not limited to myofascial release, muscle placement, cranial sacral therapy, lymphatic draining, body balancing and somatic energy work.

Norma does truly phenomenal work. She meets me where I am at, asks great questions, does no harm, makes it look easy, works with natural flow rather than forced energy, and makes me smile and laugh about the very things that were bothering me. Her hands leave my body aligned and renewed. Thanks so much...

Schedule a Session

Norma works in her sacredly held, quiet space at her office in Richmond, Ca.  She offers 60- or 90-minute sessions. 

To schedule a bodywork session with Norma, you can contact Norma directly at
510-769-5122 (text) or email her at

Norma usually has a waiting list so she does not offer same day appointments. If you are having real trouble, she has colleagues she recommends on her resources page.

Miraculous. My knee had pain and stiffness for 4 months. Voila! Gone. One session. I was out of alignment when I walked it, and felt put back together when I walked out. Norma calls it joint work. If you haven't figured out how to get rid of your pain, you have to try a session with her to see for yourself. I am a believer now...

Norma is amazing - her body work skills will put your body back to a place that feels like home. I feel so much better, more relaxed, and more flexible after my time with Norma

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