Resonant Core Wisdom

Embodying Essence
1st Level Class

Engage Your Inner Energy Wisdom

You’re invited on a journey of self-discovery and awakening. To feel truly empowered and to act intentionally instead of simply reacting to your world. 

This class is a deep dive into personal development that explores both the light and shadow sides to support you in having better relationships in all aspects of your life. To gain command of your personal attention and stop running unconscious programs that cause friction and chaos in your life. 

This two-year training will help you to decode your own patterns, learn how to identify those run by others and how to work with them. Through chakra meditations, ceremony and practicing together you will ensure that the instrument of your body is at optimal capacity.

Dates in 2024

Jan 16 – Feb 13 – Mar 12 – Apr 16 – May 14 – Jun 11 – Jul 9 – Aug 13 – Sep 10 – Oct 15 – Nov 12 – Dec 10


10 am – 6 pm PST


855 Marina Bay Pkwy #290, Richmond, Ca.
+ ZOOM HYBRID Possible


$180.00 per month for 24 months ($4320.00)

Norma offers a supportive, compassionate space and deep presence that makes it feel safe to reveal anything. She has an uncanny ability to know when a student needs loving attention, straight forward feedback or room to find their own answers to get to the next level.

This interactive class is perfect for people who:

You will gain:

Norma is a fantastic teacher and I am learning so much about ground. I never really got it before she showed me what it could be.

About Norma Ramos

Norma Ramos came into this lifetime with a deep resonance to indigenous ceremonial cultures through her Peruvian heritage. She discovered from a young age that she has an undeniable embodied presence of ancient wisdom, shamanism and ceremony that is natural and distinct.

As the youngest of four, Norma realized early on that her learning would be focused on healing and self-development in order to create the change she desired. 

Norma started attending classes in 2001. She has been teaching for 15 years and has several monthly energy classes of different levels, teaches two Reaching & Holding classes and has a full body work & Holding practice. 

Over 2 decades, she became competent in harnessing her natural skill and ability to source a deeply grounded, vastly resourced and safe space for others to do their own healing and learning.

Register by Nov 1, 2023!

510-769-5122 – text preferred or email:

In person and over Zoom hybrid is available.

Norma is very skilled at presenting, teaching, coaching, offering strong templates, listening and holding with just the right mix for deep learning and expansion.

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