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Reach & Release

a strictly non-sexual practice

Over the past 18 years Norma has developed a strong reaching and holding capacity.  She naturally offers a safely held space for people in any state of need; From being cuddled and comforted to releasing primal rage.

Here are some of the ways she can support you:

There are many ways to reach for support and comfort. 

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of being held, I can just sit with you.  We can also schedule a session virtually over Zoom.  These are powerful, healing and you can reach from the comfort of your own home.

Norma holds an exquisite, tender and true space to explore, heal and become who we are at our deepest and highest self.

Schedule a Session

Norma works in her sacredly held, quiet space at her office in Richmond, Ca.  She offers 60- or 90-minute sessions. 

To schedule a bodywork session with Norma, you can contact Norma directly at
510-769-5122 (text) or email her at

Norma usually has a waiting list so she does not offer same day appointments. If you are having real trouble, she has colleagues she recommends on her resources page.

I have been reaching to Norma weekly for several months. I experienced serious childhood trauma and I have spent years in therapy, meditating, and doing energy work. My reaching sessions with Norma have taught my body to be truly calm for the first time in my life. Norma is an incredibly loving, nurturing, and safe person to be vulnerable with. Reaching with her has taken me to a new level of internal healing and stillness that helps me to be a more loving and patient parent to my child.

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